How to form New Habits

hi welcome to my video this is Lee Anne Bartlett and today I’m going to be talking to you about how to form new habits. Now we all have some good habits and we all have bad habits and we also have partners that have habits that we don’t like as well but can’t help you with that one.

So what I’m going to talk about today is how to form new habits. So the first thing that I would do is, I would sit down and work out out all of the habits that i want to change, so one of the things that i do now that I really should be doing, I don’t want to be doing anymore. So make a list of those things and then you need to work out, what is something that i can replace that particular habit with.

So you’re actually going to be more successful changing a habit if you’ve got something to replace it with. So i know for example and this is probably a really bad example but I know from my my dad when he quit smoking, he actually had some boiled lollies instead. Probably not a good way to replace smoking with sugar but it gives you an example it replaces that need for that habit that you getting rid of with something else. So typically it’s good to replace it with a positive you know maybe healthy option. So maybe you’re wanting to I don’t know give up coca-cola for an example that’s probably a big one for a lot of people. I don’t really drink coca-cola, I don’t really drink soft drinks much at all. I’m pretty much a water girl and maybe some juice. You know maybe replacing coca-cola with a juice maybe you can make what we call a fizzy juice which is carbonated water with it.

You know that could be good way to replace the the cola craving right or maybe you’re looking to replace I don’t know something you might like, so maybe replace that with some other activity you know, so you need to basically figure out what are the things that you want to be changing.

So for me it would definitely be snacking, I’m definitely being someone that would walk past the kitchen and I’ll grab a snack, so that’s something that I’ve replaced with chewing gum and so I’ve actually got that sugar free gum. So if I felt like going for a snack I would just chew some gum for a few minutes and i’ll get rid of that crazy feeling that i wanted to eat something.

Right so there’s lots of things that you can replace habits with and you know so i would just start with one, I definitely wouldn’t go to try and change 50 habits at once. But you know this, all stuff that we can change there’s alot of things that we can make a better choice for today. I really felt like I wanted to have some pasta so today when i went to the shop i actually got some black bean pasta so it’s actually the shape of pasta and it’s literally just black clean water. I’ve had it before it’s actually quite delicious and quite tasty.

So that’s going to get rid of my pasta craving and it’s going to eat a healthier alternative. Basically so you go and find some habits that you can replace with better habits and just watch how much that’s going to then influence others maybe family and your friendship circle. And how much it’s actually going to improve your life. You know if you’re replacing bad eating with healthy options that’s going to be a snowball effect really in all different areas your health wise, fitness-wise.

You’re going to obviously lose some weight, it’s obviously going to inspire some your family and friends to also do the same. You know you find some things that you can change and forms a new habits so make it your goal by the end of this week to have at least one you know you will be changing and as they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

So once you stop doing whatever it is you know for example drinking coke for 21 days you won’t miss it anymore you know you really just won’t have the craving for it anymore so you just gonna push through those first 21 days but like I said replace it with something healthy alternative so that you’re not just trying to go cold turkey and just stop drinking and not replace it with something so hopefully that helped you guys and hopefully you’ll be able to form some new and powering habits it’s going to help you create the life that you desire.

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