Are you being lead by your Current Circumstances

Are you being lead by your current circumstances? Since starting my business at home I have been making a very conscious effort not to let this be the case. It can be very hard however, when the circumstances are right there in bright neon signs!!

We all have current circumstances whether they are good or bad, or even worse – comfortable! We can’t just totally ignore them and wish them away, they are there for a reason of course. Iif they are not what we desire, they are there as a guidepost so we know we are not where we want to be. They give us a starting point to move away from which is great.  Acknowledge where you are and how you got there, then set a new goal and move the focus to that.  As we know we should not focus on what we don’t want, or we will get more of that.


Lets say that our current circumstances are good and we feel really comfortable where we are.  I know from personal experience this is not so good. When we are in our comfort zone too long it means we are slowly going the wrong way – backwards/downhill.  All of a sudden a huge adversity will throw us out of the comfort zone and into creating and moving forward.  If you are being lead by your current circumstance in your happy place (comfort zone) you want to make sure you have set the next goal and are moving towards that ASAP, and not merely sitting still in your comfort zone for too long.

Working on my own Personal Development has really taught me so much about focusing on the goal and not sitting dormant for too long.

2 thoughts on “Are you being lead by your Current Circumstances

  1. Rachel says:

    Well said! I remember when i was drowning in debt and desperately wanted out of that situation. I really had to take control of my thoughts and stop focussing on the very thing that I wanted less of in my life. It was a discipline and at times it felt like nothing was happening, but I just stayed focussed on the goal and taking massive action towards its’ attainment and eventually the tables turned.

  2. Kristin says:

    Such a timely read – thank you!

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