5 Tips on staying Organised

Hi Lee Anne Bartlett here. And today I am going to be be giving you my five tips on keeping organised. Now I’ve talked about organisation in the past i just want to give you a few little tips that might assist you guys and keeping organised.

Now the first one is using google G suite. It’s an online program that you can check emails and you can hook any email address into that wether you use google or gmail or not. Its got a calendar, It’s got a storage drive so you can store your documents, it’s got everything! It’s really cool. So it’s literally like an online platform that you can check emails and manage your business. G Suite name is new but it’s had a few different names but it’s basically enables you to login from any computer anywhere in the world and access all your stuff, access your emails, your calendar, your documents. So it means that you’re portable you don’t have to even have your laptop with you and you can still access your data and you can do that on your phone or your computer. You can download which is a google calendar app you can also download that the gmail software in an app and there as well so it’s just really, really simple.

I used to be an Outlook girl so used to actually have to have my computer with me to check my emails because they downloaded to outlook. This is so much simpler and it’s great for someone like me that likes to travel and if you’re not home that often, plus you can be doing work from anywhere maybe in the car on the school run or gymnastics or something like that. So it just makes it really, really portable and simple so that would be my first big tip.

So once you’ve got your platform that you’re going to be using to schedule (I use the google calendar which is in that software) I’m going to schedule out what I call my DMO which is a Daily Method of Operation. I plan it out. What I need to do I’m going to go and put all of my personal stuff in first and I actually colour code it. I’ll put all my stuff in blue that I want to do that is actually important for me, so everything from you’re doing the school run, breakfast dinner time, having shower, exercise, everything that I need to get done that all goes in the diary first. Because I have a life, you know I’m not going to bend over backwards to work. When I you know what other plans are right, so i will put that all in my diary first to make sure that i have it there and I know what I’m doing then from there are booking other important stuff so it might be training calls i need to listen to, might be marketing I’ve got to do or whatever it is. That all goes in another colour in my diary as well and then that leaves me space for all the stuff don’t need to do my business or if you’ve got a job for your job that then you can look at your diary an easily and see what time you got available to do what you gotta do.

Ok so if you are working a job then obviously you’re going to be scheduling all that into so then you can see what time you got to maybe set up a part-time business or you know go on holidays or whatever it is so simple to get super organised so put it all in there. You will find the more organised you are the more scheduled you are, The more spare time you have because you’re not just shuffling paper you’re not just killing time you actually following the schedule and you getting this stuff done in the time from it needs to be done rather than getting distracted on Facebook. And you know doing something for three times longer than you need to doing it.

Point number three is stick to your schedule now you’ve got a schedule there, then you need to follow it if it is half and half an hour for that in half an hour for that and then move on to the next item. If you then need more time because you haven’t finished it for another time in the diary to finish it off because as they say 21 days to form a new habit if you want to form a new habit of being organised and on time the only way you’re going to do that is the by being organised on time. That means following the schedule that you’ve said.

People always say to me you’re always on time for phone calls like to the minute and that’s because I run by my schedule you know I’m not then oh crap I forgot to call that person 10 minutes ago, I know because it’s in my diary I don’t have to remember anything. So you’re saving the spacing in your head and the time that it takes to remember everything because it’s in the schedule. I don’t have to worry about it, I know what’s happening.

Forth point is multi task! Where you can. So being a mum, being a business owner, having fitness goals and all these things I want to achieve, I’ve got a multi task. You know it’s not going to happen because I won’t have enough time in the day. So for me multi tasking means for example doing my personal development a lot of the time will actually do that like I said on my other video you know why I’m exercising or why I am on the computer doing a work. I am going to multitask and I want to add to this point to have to help if you need it. If you need a bit of extra time you need some help with some different elements whether that’s someone to your help with minding the children for an hour, or it might be making dinner or you know I ask for help the people in your family and friends that might be able to help you with that item, that you can free up a bit of extra time.

Last point would be, be flexible you know sometimes that things are going to happen, you know stuff happen with your children, things happen in life that you need to drop what you’re doing and you need to go and tend to ok don’t beat yourself up, that let it get that thing down it’s flexible. Just move it to another time and do another time. Stay up later if you need toor get up earlier. Whatever but don’t beat yourself up that you didn’t stick exactly to schedule. Something happened, that’s life and you know that’s always going to happen. Just be flexible, be flexible with your calendar and know that it can always just moved to another time. So i hope you guys got some great tips out of how to be organised. Post your comments the below. I would love to hear any other tips you might have about keeping organised yourself or any feedback and i will see you in the next video. Bye for now

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